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    [Photo of Yanni] The Online Source for the Fans of Pianist-Composer Yanni.
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    May, 2001 -- As you've probably noticed, I haven't updated this site in several months. It wasn't intentional... but work and other interests have taken up my time as of late. I really don't think I'll be updating this site any longer... I'm not sure. I greatly apologize, and hope you will continue to find this site useful, though outdated in some aspects. Thanks.

  • I've changed my email address! It's now celine_yf@specialweb.com.

  • If anyone still has a link on their site to the *old* site address (http://www.teleport.com/~celinec/yanni.shtml), please update the link to http://yanni.specialweb.com, since the old URL has stopped working. Thank you.

    Please check out the site updates page for more information.

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    Yanni News Any late breaking or recent Yanni news.
    (Last updated: Tuesday, 26-Nov-2002 02:06:13 EST.)
    Site News The recent updates, additions, and modifications to this site. Please read frequently. (Last updated: Tuesday, 26-Nov-2002 02:07:15 EST.)
    Guestbook Read and view the Yanni fans guestbook. This is for the fans, and it won't be seen by Yanni.
    The Photos Here you'll find pics of Yanni, fan photos, and Yanni concert photos.
    Yanni Info Biography, quotes, band member information, press releases, and more.
    The Music MIDI and other music files, discography, sheet music information, and a Win95 Plus! theme.
    The Fans The Yanni Fans Mailing List, Yanni Fans Chat, LOYOL (Listeners of Yanni On-line), YIN (Yanni International Newsletter) info, Yanni Trivia game, and concert reviews.
    The Links Other Yanni and related sites on the web.
    Be sure to visit the home page of Andreas, an instrumental composer.

    This very nice and talented person could be the next Yanni... he's even Greek. Check out his site, and maybe even order his CD, Melodic Winds.

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