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  • Band Members (As of April, 1998)

    Information may not be 100% accurate, so please forgive any errors. If you know of additional information, please email me at If you are one of the band members and want additional and/or corrected information placed here, rest assured your emails will be kept private.

    Yanni, Lead Keyboards, Piano
    See Yanni's bio for more information on Yanni.
    Joel Taylor, Drums
    Replaces Yanni's longtime drummer, Charlie Adams. No further information available at this time.
    Joel Taylor
    Karen Briggs, Violin
    From Manhattan, NY and grew up in Virginia. Has played violin since she was a teenager. For more information on one of her solo albums, see Karen Briggs "Amazing Grace".
    Karen Briggs
    Ricc Fierabracci, Bass and vocals
    From Miami, Florida, and began playing bass at 14. Attended the University of Miami, graduating with a degree in music.
    Ricc Fierabracci
    Ming Freeman, Keyboards
    From Taipei, Taiwan. Began playing professionally at 11, and attended the Huange Ming Tzend School of Music in Taipei, as well as Cal State Northridge, Santa Monica College, and the Berkeley School of Music.
    Ming Freeman
    Danny Reyes, Percussion
    Born in New York City, NY and moved to Puerto Rico shortly thereafter. At age 11, he moved to Las Vegas where his father was performing for years with Wayne Newton, then moved to LA when he was 25. He has extensive performing credits, including with such notables as Cher and the Boston Pops.
    Danny Reyes
    Pedro Eustache, Flute
    From Venezuela, and is, by all accounts, a really nice guy! See the following URLs for more info: Pedro's Web Site, Pedro's Page at MMP/MOO Records 1, and Page 2 at MMP/MOO.
    Pedro Eustache
    Ramon Stagnaro, Accoustical Guitar
    A newer addition to Yanni's line up is the guitar. Ramon is from Peru.
    Ramon Stagnaro
    Jeanette Clinger, Vocalist
    Last toured with Sheena Easton. Please see the following URL for info on her solo release: Jeanette's Page at Alivenet Records.
    Jeanette Clinger
    Vann Johnson, Vocalist
    Last toured with Michael Bolton. Go to Vann Johnson's Web Site for more info.
    Vann Johnson
    Alfreda Gerald, Vocalist
    More information, see her web site at
    Alfreda Gerald
    Armen Anassian, Conductor
    From Armenia. Accomplished conductor and concert master. He holds a Master's degree in Violin Performance and Instrumental Conducting.
    Armen Anassian
    ... Plus the rest of Yanni's orchestra and vocalists. More information will come as it is received. Please see the Related Musicians list for current and former band members' web sites.